Day 5 of really bad ass hens

We thought we'd do something different on this tour (indeed, there are many "firsts" on this one.  More of that later).  We've given the lasses a day of two halves.  In the morning we stopped in to pay our respects to the Clan Chief - Lord John MacKenzie, Earl of Cromarty.  He furnished us with the traditional mark of hospitality  -  a wee dram - before showing us around his home.  I've not spoken to the lasses this afternoon about the visit but the looks of wonder on their faces as Lord John described some "new part" of the castle from 500 years ago were priceless.  I'd say they got a real sense of the historical details found in the Outlander books. After all they touched them, sat on them and smelled them.  We'll perhaps find out tomorrow what they thought.

Did we mention the Wild Hyacinth (bluebells) in the May tour?

Which leads us to the new idea of the tour.  We've given them the afternoon off.  They are unchaperoned in the town of Inverness.  Lord John doubted they could find any "hell" to raise.  WE are of a different opinion.  Not so concerned with FINDING mischief, but of MAKING it.  We've left our contact phone number with the local constabulary.
What can you do? Kids eh.


  1. We found mischief while free to roam Hootenanny's :)

  2. Hey, we found mischief at Hootenanny's as well! Did anyone buy the print of the castle done by Lord John? The framer just called yesterday to say mine was ready. I love it!!


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