Day 6 of Droch Iseanan

We didn't find time the other day to keep you up to date with the Blog and our visit to Culloden.  Here's Kelly's words.

Kelly - The afternoon brought us to Culloden. Some time was spent experiencing the interactive exhibits and then touring the battlefield; very difficult in such a peaceful place to remember the horror and sacrifice that took place. I believe that we all left with a sense of compassion for both sides and their pain, suffering and losses.

Today we follow in the coach tracks of Claire a-la Inverness to Edinburgh in search of A.Malcolm.  We are doing the two day coach journey in four hours over two days.  It's a long way, you realise, when you travel in the Highlands.

Dannelle:   We survived our guideless afternoon and evening in Inverness, last night, without the assistance (or interference) of the local authorities, though we did manage to irritate the security guards at the pub that we (ahem) raised a bit of hell at far into the wee hours.  I loved being asked where my accent was from, and hearing all the local Scots use everyday language that is totally different than what we hear at home.  And, of course, the accents are fantastic.  I was happily surprised to find that folks around town (and Scotland in general, so far) were really friendly and helpful - gave directions and were very chatty and a lot of fun!  I can totally see myself living here!

Scot - There are consequences, kids, to such late night behaviour:

Rebecca meditates upon the error of her ways

Dannelle:    I CAN'T see myself living in the wee 18th century village we visited this morning!  The tacksman's house, thatch-roofed and windowless, filled with peat smoke and dirt floors, with space for the beasts in an adjoining room(!!) was considered wealthy for the development....Claire, more power to you!  I'll stay happily in the 21st century, dreaming of adventures past!

Scot - because we have tours that are a bit more responsive to the changing needs of our friends, we made a wee stop this afternoon, not on the list, in order to pick up a few bottles of Uisge Beatha for Rebecca's man, Pat.  There's a fine shop in Pit Chloich Aridh that has about 400 different bottlings.  I chose the newest Distillery in Scotland for one - Kilchomain; the smallest for another - Edradour and the lady of the shop chose a third - Ben Romach.  Pat is perhaps reading this blog ahead of the delivered gifts.  Enjoy, your research into what's in store and I'd like to hear your tasting notes.
That led us to lunch and a bit of locating a grave that contains an almost unknown local story about the descendants of the Royal Stuart lineage.   Who'd have thunk it... but you had to be there.  I'm not giving that one away, guests only!

Sam - I noticed the terrain changing from the north as we traveled south today; the heather shrub in the more southern areas has already turned a deep plush green.  I love watching the subtle and also vibrant changes to the foliage.  Over the past few days, we've seen quite a few Red Deer and though our Hens didn't realize it, an amazing number of Red Kite sitings; an endangered and beautiful bird of prey up here.  Spring is wonderful.

Tomorrow, I can tell you, is Lallybroch day.


  1. Wishing myself there is not working!

  2. This sounds like a hearty bunch of Outlandish Spirits. Perhaps 'outlandish' is taking on a whole new meaning! Still wish I were there with you, but as Vicki said, 'wishing myself there is not working.' Sigh.

  3. I remember "meditating" after the night at Castle Stuart.


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