Droch Isean - Day 2


Pip - ready for adventure in the Spirits Tour Van
Hello all. This is Courtney and Kelly blogging for day 2 of the tour. After a lovely evening and delectable breakfast at a B & B we took a short drive to see an Ardsmuir-like prison Barracks. It was amazing to see how impressive it was to build a 4 story stone fortress without the aid of [modern] tools, and also how an individual could survive there once the task was completed. The view was breath-taking!

The second stop brought us to Wedding Chapel; one can just imagine the ceremony of Jamie and Claire! Did we mention BREATH TAKING VIEWS!

We certainly worked up our appetites to enjoy a spot of tea and sandwiches with some quite delightful desserts! The atmosphere was perfect and just what you would expect when having a proper afternoon tea. We are loving the tour, our tour companions, and our guides and having the time of our lives!

GREETINGS, ALL - Sali here. Is it still Day 2? We are packing so much into the days, it feels like Day 5 at least! At another B&B - bed looks so inviting, but dinner with the gang first. Dannelle and I actually have separate beds tonite! Haven't slept in the same bed with her this much since her 6-year-old nightmare phase!

I absolutely LOVE Scotland - the Highlands thus far are magnificent! I'm already wondering how I'll tear myself away to go home. Best part of the day? Certainly not just one thing! Loved joking about with Nigel Nicol in the wool-tweed shop! My daughter's face was memorable as she tried on a stunning Harris Tweed jacket that neither of us can afford, but I bought anyway. (What the heck - her look was priceless!) Buildings and ruins hundreds of years old. The rarefied air of history. Laughter with new friends. Could you choose?

Scot - aye she looks braw, does Dannelle in her new green tweed jacket, with silk lining. Like a Highland lassie - fit for crawling around in the heather then off to the ball without needing to change. That's Harris tweed for you.
Myself, I bought a pocket watch. I have "time issues" as Sam is always telling me. I haven't owned a watch for years - I tend to test things to a quick destruction. Besides, I'm a storyteller - we have a special relationship with time in my profession only understood by A.Einstein. Time is relative. I can make a story last a year. Ask my wife.


  1. I'm reading and learning. I cannot wait to hear your stories Scot. Please leave your watch behind when we come in September. I wondered if a Harris tweed jacket is more than $300 USD? Just wondering. I may have to pick up some extra shifts @ work this summer! I can hear the tweed calling. What's on for today? I wonder if your hens are up with the roosters?

  2. A Harris tweed jacket can easily be 200-400 pounds. That said, it'll be handed on to your grandchildren.

    On the roosters front, I accompanied the ladies to the bar and suffered the sight of 3 single women (ahem!) persuading the bar man to part with his Donkey. It's not something to put on a public blog.


  3. You got the sign for the van!! They look wonderful. Have been on my own adventure in Germany, but knew you were touring. Looks like a fun group. I am jealous as Scotland comes to mind so often.......we miss you!
    Vicki, stable girl

  4. The jacket is lovely! She looks beautiful!


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