Droch Isean, Day 8, the denoument

The Last Day.

We leave Lallybroch and head to Edinburgh.

Rebecca here and we have been giving the last adventure today through the streets of Edinburgh. Scot spent some time reading from our bible and gave me a chill as he read of the reunion of Jamie and Claire, total goosebumps. This has been an experience of a life time not only have we been mesmerized by the sights that Scotland holds but we have developed a bond with each other that will stand forever. So I guess we have created our own history in this historic Land. We separate today and a tear wells in my eye, but this will not be the last time we meet. A BIG thank you to Samantha and Scot for taking the time to create this tour and giving us the experience of a life time. Girls I will never forget you, you too Scot. This is me saying good bye for now....

Scot: And so another piece of history is written - The Droch Isean May Tour 2011. Fair ye weel a while ladies. We have enjoyed yer company just fine. We await to see the photos of your reunion at the Highland Games and we look forward to seeing some of you on the coming Ireland tour. Remember, you're part of the tours club now - you can never leave.

And on a final note.  The catch-phrase of the tour seems to have been

"Also, here are some sheep" 


  1. Dannelle & I are training South after an unexpected extra day in Edinburgh. It was so difficult to leave the Highlands, to say farewell to friends, to accept this marvelous "holiday" is over. It's hard to believe how much Samantha & Scot packed into the past eight days - centuries! Claire & Jamie's adventures now have a solid back drop and we will reread with new understanding & clarity.

    Perhaps best of all, to Kelly, Courtney & Rebecca- our lives are forever changed (to quote "Wicked") because we knew you!

  2. Glad you loved the Jamie and Claire Tour and all that you saw Sally!

    Note on part of the comment above for our readers: I introduced these Outlandish Spirits to each other via FB before this trip began so they were able to start chatting, bantering and getting to know each other. It 'broke the ice' before they even met in person. Like the 'Grain Tour' group of last May, they got on quite well. It also shows that if you're willing to step forward into a group as a SINGLE TRAVELER, it's easy to have an enjoyable time and perhaps make a friend or two. As we say here, "Good on them!"

  3. What's this about an Ireland tour?


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