To The Future ~ To Ireland

An Ireland Tour
in the planning......
NO, Jamie and Claire didnae go there (so far), but then we ARE Outlandish Spirits; going far and wide and exploring strange new worlds and new cilivizations ... but I digress.  Some of our recent and prior Outlandish Spirits are already interested in coming along.   We've just had a recent chat on our FB page:

Outlandish Spirit - whoa. Wait a minute. There's an Ireland tour?
Sam - Yes, Ireland. Stay tuned!
Vicki - What?? Do tell... Girl's trip????
Sam - Girl's trip? Well that depends if any Guys sign up :)  Guys are more than welcome!
Aina - Giant's Causeway perhaps.... share some Irish hot chocolate.
Sam - I'll buy you two of your own..... I want every last drop of mine...mmmm. an' me own pint! :p .

We're taking your requests for your preferred month to travel and places to go in the Emerald Isles.  Want to come along?  Help us choose the destinations now.

IRELAND ~ Land of Celtic legends: the Tuathaa De Danann, Children of Lir.  Land of magical song: the music of the fiddle can make you dance with wild abandon and can make you cry.  Have you ever heard the Uilleann pipes? Eerily enchanting.  Land of green rolling hills rising up to form sheared, steep cliffs over white foamed waves rolling and crashing onto the shore.... but I wax lyrical.

Scot and I have been to Ireland several times as travelers and as tour guides and Scot used to live there as well.  The people are absolutely lovely and have a great sense of humor and though the streets aren't paved in gold - green being the preferred color, most paths lead to a pint of Guinness; a tasty alternative.  Besides, if you catch the rainbow, you'll find your own pot of gold. 

Fancy coming along?  Tell us what you want to experience:  seashore, ceilidh session, stone circle, a specific village or county?  Let us know while we are still in the planning stages.

The wee tune "Song for Ireland" pretty much says it all:

The link, in case

Cheers, Scot and Sam


  1. I vote for all those things *g* And actually, Jamie does go to Ireland. The book just isn't finished yet (Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner).

  2. Wahoo! Now lets hope it isn't somewhere bloom'n remote from everything we all want to see. Thanks for the info Aven. You're grrrreat! (Scottish 'R' rolling here)


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