Friday, 9 September 2011

Rainbow Chasers - day 4

DAY 4 
Monique: So, today was beyond anything i could of expected.  First we went to a castle that could have been castle Leoch.  it was beautiful, magestic and everything i thought it would be, but it was not what had the lasting impression; This came at Culloden and to be honest i was anxious about the whole experience.  Initially the exhibit was very informative up until the movie; the battle reenactment! how could anything top that?  Well I ventured to the battlefield with Debie and I started seeing the clans stones.  Even as I think about it, I get teary eyed; it was just too much.  Then I saw the stone for the clan Fraser and I lost it.  How could lives be lost so senselessly?  As I sit here after all i have seen i still don't know what to say, feel, or think; all i can do is cry.  It is a part of history that can't be changed but can be learned from. it was a hard experience, but it was one that i will never forget!

Nancy:  Today we started out with a guid stretch & walked through the Castle with the lovely gardens and woods and we ate lunch in the castle.  We enjoyed song while we strolled through the woods. Hieland Cows were a highlight before the battle of Culloden. We enjoyed a beautiful rain free day!!

Sam:  Another first:  A nice walk through the woodlands surrounding the castle.  I started teaching the group a wee song that we'll all sing later.  I was amazed at how the castle gardens have as many flowers in the early autumn as they do in the spring.  Absolutely beautiful.

The Tai Chi of Castle

Is that a castle in the distance?