Rainbow Chasers - day 4

DAY 4 
Monique: So, today was beyond anything i could of expected.  First we went to a castle that could have been castle Leoch.  it was beautiful, magestic and everything i thought it would be, but it was not what had the lasting impression; This came at Culloden and to be honest i was anxious about the whole experience.  Initially the exhibit was very informative up until the movie; the battle reenactment! how could anything top that?  Well I ventured to the battlefield with Debie and I started seeing the clans stones.  Even as I think about it, I get teary eyed; it was just too much.  Then I saw the stone for the clan Fraser and I lost it.  How could lives be lost so senselessly?  As I sit here after all i have seen i still don't know what to say, feel, or think; all i can do is cry.  It is a part of history that can't be changed but can be learned from. it was a hard experience, but it was one that i will never forget!

Nancy:  Today we started out with a guid stretch & walked through the Castle with the lovely gardens and woods and we ate lunch in the castle.  We enjoyed song while we strolled through the woods. Hieland Cows were a highlight before the battle of Culloden. We enjoyed a beautiful rain free day!!

Sam:  Another first:  A nice walk through the woodlands surrounding the castle.  I started teaching the group a wee song that we'll all sing later.  I was amazed at how the castle gardens have as many flowers in the early autumn as they do in the spring.  Absolutely beautiful.

The Tai Chi of Castle

Is that a castle in the distance?


  1. Don't worry, Monique. Most of us had the same reaction. I had very conflicted feelings at Culloden. But I still get misty eyed when I look at the pics.

  2. Well said Aven. It's an amazing place because on the one hand, it 'looks so normal', like many similar landscapes in Scotland but our knowledge of its history just goes beyond the normal reckoning.


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