Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Rainbow Chasers Tour - day 3


Rainbows are showing up all over in our travels and they've inspired each of us in our own way, so I duly dub this tour "The Rainbow Chasers" tour.  As well, we're in the height of the bloom'n Heather season and the surrounding hills are patterned with purple and greens.  It's as if I forget every year how beautiful the autumn colors are here and am only reminded when I come up north; a treat every time.

At our wee Claire & Jamie marriage chapel today, we had a special treat as several in the group sang together to test the acoustics - well done.  A couple of Rainbows later on the road we enjoyed our Afternoon Tea, complete with cakes and lots of tea and coffee. Monique was... err pleased?

We took a drive up the other side of Loch Ness and enjoyed the beauty of the smaller lochs and the never ending purple hued hills.  Quite surreal.

Scot: Aye, weel the blog is by me and Herself today as we've given them nae chance to write.  Besides, bha i beagan fliuch an-diugh - twas a wee bitty wet and I've noticed that the wee computery thing doesna much care for water drapped on it.

Maybe we should rename this tour the Heather on the Hills tour.  We've been marveling at it every few miles as we climbed higher into the hills today.  It's a strong show of the wee Calluna Vulgaris this year.  Them hills is Pink I tell ye! Pink!  Shtunning!

We went to the Ardsmuir / Wentwork / FortWilliam barracks lookalike this morning and recreated the bleakness of the Scottish prisoner experience of cold, gray stone and driving rain in the face.  Aye, well, they wanted the real thing.

We also made the very instructional visit to the cottars house to give the Hugh Munro experience.  We met with a cailleach who showed us her weaving and explained the loom, the drop spindle, the rake, the shuttle and all.  If none of that made any sense tae ye, then look it up on Mr and Mrs Google.  It takes her 25 hours to set the loom up for a new bolt of cloth, and that's before she's woven a single thread.
The new Yorkers build a barn

It's a family affair.