Grape Tour - days 3-6

We have been so Outlandish that we haven't had time to blog, hence several days in one post here.
DAY 3 - The Grape Tour
Grant and Cindy renew their vows

Sam here:  We're having a heat wave.  It's getting warmer each day and the sun shines beautifully.  We've got lads and lassies on this May adventure of the Jamie & Claire Tour and everyone is getting on beautifully..... no surprise there!  People who travel are already of a like mind and when they come together not just to see a country but with a shared theme in mind (and heart) then the mix is great.
Samantha and Scot surprise us. Yesterday a couple from our group renewed their wedding vows,highland style, with a Handfasting; so romantic! We frolicked in the wilderness but not like J & C did...ahem! 

Sitting in the wilderness of J&C's honeymoon, hearing that story, with our honeymoon couple
Gretchen: I tried Haggis for breakfast, surprisingly delicious.  Now off to meet the real "lord John" and explore his castle.

Sam MacKenzie: Today we went a' Castleling. No fake castles mind! The real deal.  We had a private audience with the Chief of Clan MacKenzie, Earl of Cromarty.  He enthralled the group with tales of past Chiefs and their lives prior to the 1746.  His energy was catchy and our Outlandish Spirits really enjoyed their visit his hospitality of a dram.  The lane up to the Castle was filled with my favorite, Bluebells.  Everything was magical.

Approach the castle.  Look at those trees!


And after.  Grape that is.


We are staying in another fine castle tonight. Previous tour friends will know the exciting experiences that our guests are braving.
Sally:   We had a pj party with the girls... we are in a real castle and we have it all to ourselves. [The guys are in the snooker room]  Of course it is supposed to be haunted.
Our fantastic long-table dinner was interrupted by two time travellers gathering forces to fight for King Robert the Bruce. Luckily we were not “volunteered” but our opinions were sought on tactics. Most of them wanted to fight, but I [Scot] wanted King Robert's offering of land upon victory in Writing.

Today is birthday girl Gretchen's special day. It has already been established that this tour has Outlandish Spirits from all the decades, 20s to 70s. Gretchen is covering one of the lower half decades and I'm not saying which, “just saying”. 
We then had our two nobles help “crown” Gretchen. With birthday cake, card, ermine robe and crown and a kiss.

The men then withdrew to the 'man cave' to play snooker, without cigars, but with the malts, while the ladies retained the drawing room but changed into their jammies. We have the run of the castle tonight. There was much defending of the joining door on both sides of the gender argument.

Man is it hot today! A sad farewell to our Highland castle – we must foray southwards to do the deeds that must be done in the Lowlands and Edinburgh – printers to visit, as you know.
Scot gave a wee bit of historical understanding at the stone circle that Diana G. is photographed in on the back of the Companion, so the ladies all had to have their photo taken there too. They all had many questions about the cairns and stones and how they were used, how old they were and who built them, all answered by Scot.
You'll notice that we don't have many words from our guests. No Time! Rest assured they are all smiling faces, loving the food, the scenery, the details that we include in the tour and each other's company.  Gisela said she is going to print some highlighted photos from our adventure and look at them as she reads Outlander again.  Great idea!

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