Day 2

Last night there were scenes reminiscent of Ardsmuir, with Lord John and Jamie Fraser playing chess long into the night. This time it was Grant from Canada and Scot, heads bowed over the board, a darkened room and a glass of something red and imported to cloud their reason.
I won't embarrass Grant by revealing who won, but let us suggest that the recent Curling world Championship victory of Canada over Scotland might have been avenged. Still there's always tomorrow night...
Ahh, Boys.

Theresa: How lovely an adventure today being driven to a small chapel charmed in history. The scene reminds me of the definition of peace and harmony. In a space where heaven meets earth. The sheep grazing in the fields around the chapel where the sleeping lie. As we entered, it was a sight to see that this very old stone structure was still in use. Restored by Scottish descendants from British Columbia and Nova Scotia, which was special to me since I am from Canada. As we enjoyed the ambiance of such a special place, we were gathered to hear the Gaidhlig words exchanged between the to be husband and wife (Jamie & Claire) in a very traditional historic wedding ceremony, Handfasting. How romantic within itself. TLS

Kim: We started today by visiting a crofter's cottage. Hard to believe people really lived that way. Next, we visited a 'wee kirk' and imagined attending the wedding of Claire and Jamie. Then, it was off to a special Castle hotel for afternoon tea before hunting monsters at Loch Ness! I'm still finding it hard to believe we are finally here. Ever since reading "Outlander" the first time, I've dreamed of visiting Scotland and following the footsteps of Claire and Jamie, seeing all the things they saw.  Doing all of this with my daughter, Jillian (also a huge fan), makes it even better!
Our refined guests in a refined place - afternoon tea

Our youngest and eldest Outlandish Spirits, awaiting their tea, anticipating politely

Bah! there's always one to get you banned from the joint!
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