May Tour - as yet to be named

And so it has begun!  The May Tour 2012.  We have 14 Outlandish Spirits aboard (We're full, sorry to those who couldn't get on the tour.  Keep trying!)  The weather is hot.  The Wild Hyacinths (aka Bluebells) are into their first stretch, as they begin to carpet woodland hillsides in indigo (how odd to see).

Here's are wee snippets from some of our travellers:
Dolly: “We read the books and we talked about coming and one day someone went on line and said 'Look, the tour!'"

Somebody likes the food.  Art on a plate.  Aye? Where's the Haggis?
Cindy: Well, we had our first “adventure” today – we had to have some billy goat in us! It was a nice walk up the hill to see the stone. It was a “wee” Munro [Ed: a mountain over 3000 feet] and the scenery was breathtaking. Once again, there were a lot of sheep and we also passed a “wee” hoosie and Sam's favourite cottage. Our B&Bs look wonderful. Our lunch was excellent and dinner is proving to be excellent as well. It has been a great beginning to our tour! It is a great group and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Today was our first day and we saw many beautiful scenic views as we drove to the highlands. I was so excited to see the bridge across the Firth of Forth. I had watched a DVD about Scotland and recognized the bridge, but Scot really explained what we were seeing and triggered my memories. I have dreamed of this trip for so many years that I can't believe that I am actually here. It really hit me that I am in Scotland when we were driving on the left side of the road to go on a hike in the highlands. Scot and Sam provided us with walking sticks and I was very glad to have it on the hike. They seem to think of everything. I'm glad we chose this tour for our Outlander Book tour.

Would YOU buy a used pony from this lot?
Sally: I am so excited to finally be in Scotland. I just want to high five everyone and shout! It is so beautiful, did our first hike and it was spectacular, great views and even a standing stone. A great group, I got to ride shot gun with Sam at the wheel. Cant wait till tomorrow for our next adventure!

Sam: Tomorrow?  Oh, who knows where...  Tune in the next time we go Outlandish.

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