Tick Tock - The Tours are Filling Quickly!

The 21st Century meets the 18th

Attention All Tour "Lurkers"!

This is a post for Jamie and Claire Tour "Lurkers".  You know who you are :D

There are a few spaces left on each tour, with great interest from some already.  So yes, they are going fast.... especially the May Tour.  There are only 3 weeks left to sign on to the MAY tour.

Sam's been working 4 hours already this Saturday morning sending out receipts, forms and answering enquiries , she tells me, and it's only half past ten.  I'm off to my dude shed.


  1. Come on Canadians book fans!
    Sign up for September and lets paint the Highlands (maple leaf) red.

    I'm verra excited to finally see the land that spawned half my family.

    And thank you to Sam and Scot for offering such a specialized and intimate tour. Just the type I never realized I was looking for until I stumbled upon it.

    Mike - Toronto

  2. Mike, your enthusiasm is catchy even to my Scotland born & bred husband! If you knew Highlanders, you'd know that's impressive :) We look forward to meeting you this season. Samantha

  3. Six months and 2 weeks away.
    Vacations are approved. Flights are booked.
    I'm about to finish Drums of Autumn and start on the next.
    Going to meet and get book signed by Diana Gabaldon a month before the trip at the big Scotish Festival here in Ontario.
    Excitement continues to build.

    I'm happy to make an impression, so long as it's a good one. :-)


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