Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 6 - blazing the trail

Julia: We had an amazing hike today with truly beautiful scenery. We walked through glens, fields of heather, even a forest. Parts of the trail were flat while other sections had us climbing. Most of the time, the weather was great, overcast so it wasn't too hot - towards the end we had some rain, but nothing that slowed us down! My husband clocked us at about 28 minutes a mile and our total was 6.1 miles. We got some great pictures!
Horses and Daffodils herald our hike

Beth: I've lost track of the days and the rest of the world doesn't exist. A traveler can't help but be immersed in the land, the amazing views, the swiftly changing weather, the history everywhere, and especially the wonderful people. On our hike today I know the wee woodland inhabitants were with us today. Toni: Pictures can not come close to describing the beauty of the land we just walked through...We all tried. Those who come to this country and don't go for a walk like this or drive through the backroads away from the towns will miss the main beauty of Scotland. Dress in layers and bring a rain jacket (MAC) and water proof hiking shoes because you do go through some bogs and cross small streams, but those moments are fleeting. 

Melinda: I was in heaven today. Sleeping until 7am, (Sam here.. Melinda's an early riser even on our sleep in day!) waking up in a beautiful country house hotel, and then hiking. We went on the most wonderful hike today. Up in the hills, no one else around (if you don't count the sheep), spectacular scenery, and the bit of rain at the end was wonderful. I can't wait to see the pictures. Ale and potatoe leek soup at the end in a wee pub.....ahhhhhh! 

Demonstrating what Diana meant when she said "Claire sat in front of Jamie on the horse and he wrapped his plaid around her."
Alas tomorrow is our last day and we won't have time to blog afore we drop off our friends.  I will add some more photos and video in the coming weeks.