Day 5

Last night some of us again went to Hoots for the music.  Herein lies a story.  Julia is a girl of girlie tastes and has been looking for her favourite drink ( a Lemon Drop) since she got here.  In the Highlands?  Aye?

Here's what happened when she asked for it in Hoots, a REALLY Highland bar with trad music, a sawdust on the floor type of place.

Moving on, quickly.
Would YOU let them into YOUR castle?
Beth:  Off we go today to visit the next castle.  In the city it's a bit crowded, but the back roads are so wonderfully scenic, they are not to be missed.  May is wonderful, the Gorse is in bloom, the heather will be soon, and the brand new 'baa-baas' with their little tails a-wagging are everywhere. another lovely weather day for us.  We are so blessed!

Toni:  Well, haven't been on in a while but we have done SO MUCH.  Castles, Pony Rides, fantastic walks to let your imagination wander and wonder is this where that could have happened or this...My favorite has been the walking and looking and laughing with the people we have met.  We have been treated with special care...not being caught in large groups and getting lost in them.  Our group has gotten on very well together and since we are all here for the same reason creating the cameraderie of the tour.  I have also been loving the surprises...what are we doing today?!  Inverness has a fantastic path along the River Ness that everyone should do if they come to Inverness but do make sure you use the 'facilities' first.  It is a long walk with no place to stop.

Melinda: Wow! What an amazing journey in time!  In Castle Leod there was a window seat that I could picture curling up in with a cup and tea and Outlander.  And afternoon tea with the Lord and Lady, in their dining room.  What an experience.  I started re-reading Outlander before we left, so I'm visualizing Jamie and Claire everywhere I go.  Oh, I should mention Black Isle Honey Heather Ale!

Don:  First day on since day 1, we have had full days since and hard for me to put into words the great things we have experienced. Castles (beautiful and loaded with history), battlefields, some shopping and throw in great food, what more could you ask for. I am reading book 3 as we travel and in the evenings (hard to put down), amazed how we are actually experiencing some of the places Jamie and Claire travelled through during their lives. Accommodations have been fantastic and our last stay that we just checked into is unbelievable, photos a must see on the blog. I may skip out on the group tomorrow and try to get in a round of golf, will need to get one of those in as we are in the home of golf. Oh yes, the single malt stuff is a great experience as well (mmmmmmm).

Toni:  We are sitting in a beautiful parlor of the 1800s Scottish hunting lodge [see vid] that we are staying in, having a drink before dinner sharing stories of what wonderful things we have been doing as well as other stories of all our various lives that have been brought together based on a book series called Outlander.  We have talked about what to call ourselves as a group and have come up with the following: Just the Facts; Back to the Future; First Timers; Guinea Pigs (since we are doing some things on this trip that haven't been done in the past on this tour). I go again rambling but there is so much to say and do.
Video below is entitled "Approaching the stones and drinks in our hunting lodge


  1. Brings back some wonderful memories of a wonderful time..I so want to go back as does sista..

    1. September is right around the corner, and this taste of what is to come, makes me long to experience it even more.

      Canadian Mike


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