May tour 2013 - day 1


And they're off!
We have an intrepid group of seven on this May's tour. I'll let them speak: 

The Posse of Outlandish Ones

Toni: Wow...I keep trying to imagine what it would have been like if I had gone through the rocks and experienced what Claire experienced. She didn't have shoes or pants like I was wearing today...And the confidence she had with dealing with the men she came across...I imagine the time she spent nursing probably helped there. The land is so vast and bare and lonely...It takes days to travel the distance they did. Melinda: What a great way to start a vacation! Hiking up a hill, in the middle of farmland, on a beautiful day! Doesn't get much better than that!!! 

Don---Much more than expected, then again not sure what I expected. Sightseeing, hiking and camaraderie with the group on day one was a great success and sets the standard for the rest of the week, confident expectations will be met as Scot and Sam are great.
Rock Chick in search of... stones?

In the wilds, the posse find stones

Wendy -- great day, lots of sunshine, hills and stones! Got my second *drop spindle class, teacher must have been better this time, seemed easier! 
(*Sam here - the drop spindle was a demonstration for us by a lovely lass of the 18th century on spinning yarn out of sheep's wool... Anything can happen when you travel through the stones).


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