Thursday, 9 May 2013


Arghh! No time to write...!
(Later) What can we say of today?  Some of our guests had their first Gàidhlig lessons with Scot (see vid).  Very passable.  We'll get to ordering a pint in G. tomorrow.

We got married, then had lunch in the castle; there was a blustery visit to the shores of Loch Ness followed by an investigation of the water, courtesy of a boat skipper.  Our guests really enjoyed that as our skippers really know the loch's history, geology and so on so can explain the amazingness of this body of water.  Toni learned that if you emptied the loch, you could put the entire human population into the space three times over.

We spilt up for dinner tonight, but the "gurrls" invaded Scot's dinner with Julia and Ray and took him away for more ale.  That's his version anyway.  The music was good at Hoots (see vid).  

Perhaps we'll find time for the guests to write to you in their own words.  Perhaps not, for "we come to a castle".