Friday, 7 June 2013

Day 3

Samantha:  The weather is lovely.  The isle of Arran was lovely.  I could spend a week there.  I must go back when Scot and I have some time off!

Robin: glorious weather for our visit! Felt a deep connection to the land today and the ancient people, with a strange sensation of sadness when I departed the henge near the Temple Wood stone circles.

Sheila: DunAdd was just stunning!  Climbing up was hard work, but a good lesson for me to be able to ask for help and be prepared to accept it graciously - not difficult when offered so generously, so thanks to all who helped me get up there!!  I sat on a stone seat on the level just below the top level, facing west and I realised I was sitting at the centre of the equivalent of a Tibetan singing bowl . . . it felt like it was resonating around me, and I realised that the ring of hills and the plain were actually the remnants of a giant volcana caldera.
The power was flowing out from the fort, rebounding from the hills, and flowing back to the hill, like a generator.

Scot:  I think they liked DunAdd.   After lunch we covered a LOT of prehistory.  We saw more standing stones and cairns than we can recall.  A FULL day.