Thursday, 6 June 2013

day 2

A day on Arran.  Machrie Moor stones for us this morning.  A mile walk into the moor brings us to a theatre of the megaliths.

Sheila: Amazing weather!  The stones of Machrie Moor were amazing . . . at one I stayed outside the ring of stones and walked to a fencepost and placed the palm stone I usually use as a  meditation focus between my hand and the fencepost top. It was like when I do reiki, a tingling in the palm of my hands and soles of my feet but at a stronger energy level - and it wasn't an electric fence!!  At the sandstone circle, there were missing stones in the Outer world but a strong feeling of completeness on the Inner.  Felt like ley lines possibly . . .

Chris: What a great day.  Plenty of sunshine and the most magical place in Scotland.  Highlighted by a few baby Curlews on Machrie Moor. 

Cyndy: My husband said, "I can't get the scenery out of my head!" Why should he? I will carry it with me! Machrie Moor was wonderful. Standing in the middle of a circle with the wind blowing, it felt like I was being carried back in time.  Later, a walk with forest on our left, and ocean on our right, was surreal.  The forest was the stuff of myth.  I half expected to see Merlin or faeries!

Chris: Looking forward to tomorrow....