Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The night before Christmas...

Actually, it's the night before the Western Isles pilgrimage tour.  We're about to set off tomorrow with 16 devotees of  stone circles, Fairy faith and ancient places of worship, of the sacred and of peace.

We'll be touching in on six Scottish islands and I'm looking forward to finding some new places that I haven't been to myself before, and of course, finding the newness in the old places through the eyes of our fellow travellers.

This is the tour we are running for our friend Mara Freeman.  It's 12 days and I expect we'll blog a little for all the vicarious travellers out there.  Keep your comments and questions coming and we'll feel more connected to you.

Alas we must leave our wee cottage garden, just when the weather has become wonderful and warm and the garden so inviting to plant and weed and potter in.

See ya'll tomorrow, day 1.

Our wee cottage garden, looking warm and inviting