Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Celtic Spirit Journeys Day 1

Celtic Spirit Journeys' tour is under way. 

Chris: Rosslyn Chapel surpassed my expectations.  It started with a walk through the
Roslyn Glen which was such a magical and breathtaking experience.  Can't wait for the next days events.

Diana: My journey begins with a trip to Roslyn Glen and Chapel. The Glen is a grounding of the soul with nature; and the Chapel is an intricate building full of beauty and mystery. I look forward to the rest of tour and its wonderous surprises.

Greta: After 4 days of the bustle of Edinburgh, I look forward to the more comtemplative  part of this trip. Roslyn Chapel is beautiful.  The intricacy of the carving is amazing.

Keith: The trip started with a walk through the Roslyn Glen. Seeing the wild garlic and other fauna was lovely.
Roslyn Chapel was lovely. It must have been amazing to see all carvings when they were new. I look forward to seeing and feeling many new things.

That's the first snapshot of this troop.  We grabbed a few moments on the ferry over the our first island, Arran.

scot: I enjoyed the guide today at Roslyn Chapel. She covered the history and the mystery of the place.  Roslyn is lovely.  The fact that it is a practicing church with a congregation meeting twice a day adds to the place.  I asked the guide, Kat, what was her favourite thing about the chapel and she showed me the Whispering Door.  I put my ear to the left architrave of the opening and she whispered "hello" at the right and I hear the sound as if she was whispering into my ear.  This is something that they have only recently found out about the door. Apparently there are many whispering doors in Ireland, which is how they learned of this one.

Jim: Spent two days in town before the tour. What a wounderful change. Peace, quite and scenery just as I imagined. 12 more days of this, heaven.

Peggy:  Beautiful bluebells, faces in trees.  What more could one ask for?

Cyndy: The trip to the Isle of Arran was wonderful! The island kept changing images as we crossed the sea.  It was inviting and timeless. Whatever was in store for us during the visit promised to be memorable.