Day 7 - A Woolie Visit

We like to have a bit of variety for each adventure, so we added a visit to a sheep farm today.  Remember the scene where the women were in the barn dying the wool?  We were greeted by the family and their own piper.  Our host, Colin brought out two of his Border Collies and they gave a fantastic herding demo.  One of the dogs was a 12 week old puppy who was just starting to learn the techniques from the experienced dog.....verra cunnin'.  Our hostess, Linda and her daughters were in the huge barn teaching our Outlandish Spirits how to card and spin wool.  We made another visit this day but it's a secret, but it has to do with a big hoosie.....shhhhh!  During the last couple of days, several were talking about a Dragonfly adventure and we can hear France calling us!  Tu ne parle pas Francais? Pas un probleme!
Colin training in a new Collie

Linda surrounded by her wool
Linda and the family invited our guests to try their hand at carding and spinning.  Deb R was in her element (see photos).

Sarah shows Anna how to work a drop spindle

Deb R. having a go

Nick investigating the carding machine

Deb R. shows us how it's done

And already looking at the creative possibilities of a bat (carded wool)

Sam got shrunk in the wash

The whole family

Deb R:  I'm so thankful to be introduced to "Outlander" by my friend Linda, without this I woud not have met the "Outlandish Spirits" of Samantha and Scot! Although we have a family heritage, I had never really contemplated seaching for my family heritage.  During our visit to Culloden I realized the severity of how many people died within moments, watching their family and loved ones falling all around.  Emotions I cannot explain, only that of deep grief and many tears.  Thank you, Scot for your compassion and care!  I feel so much love and connection with Scotland's history.  I am looking forward now to continuing the adventure of Diana Gabaldon's series of Outlander and losing myself in the books. The history, as well as the cherished memories of Scotland will enhance every page that I read in the future. Thank you! Scot & Samantha for your careful consideration as to our personal "Outlandish Tour".  I will treasure this FOREVER!

Sam: Aye Fond Farewell ~ We've taken our new found friends back to Edinburgh and said our farewells.  They were a grand bunch and we can add their names and faces to this season of truly lovely Outlandish Spirits.  We bade them farewell and headed up the road.  Haste ye back.  What do we do after a week of adventures?  We head to our favourite Chinese take away on the way home.  It's our homage to Mr. Willoughby!


  1. With each tour being described here, and each passing month, excitement is starting to peak.
    Meeting Diana in three days at Fergus Scottish Festival, with only a month to go before searching the highlands for characters we love.

    We are going over the packing suggestions and will do our best to keep it light Sam, thanks for all the useful info.

    Can't wait to wait to contribute my thoughts to the blog, as I experience them. See you very soon!!


    1. Mike! How did your Fergus Festival go? Did you meet Diana? Isn't she petite! Looking forward to meeting your happy selves. Sam

  2. It was a fantastic weekend! The best weather they've had in years. Rhonda was on cloud nine. she can tell the details of the story when we are there, but she had a bonny experience meeting Diana (who is still taller than Rhonda). :-D

    Diana was also quite funny in her talk, and gracious with her fans. The Canadian publisher gave out 1000 copies of a booklet with the first 7 chapters of the new book, but we all refrained, knowing it would be a terrible tease.

    It was our first B&B experience as well, and it was brilliant. Great hosts and beautiful property.

    We grow happier by the week, and meeting you, Scot, the other tour guests and Scotland herself, will be our next high point.
    It's so close now I can smell the ale.......... oh wait, that's my glass here. :-D


    It also introduced me to a kilt in a very real way, and I see one in my future waredrobe.


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