Saturday, 27 July 2013

DAY 6 Whisky and Sand

Last night continued after with more singing.  Linda and Deborah led us in hits from the 1940s to 60s.  "Bayyybee face, you got the cutest liddle baayyby face".  Rhodda on backup.  Quite a memory for us to keep. 

Today it was off to a wee stone circle tucked up in the beautiful glens.  The hills were pink and purple with early heather; an early blooming this year.

Kimberly: The week has exceeded my expectations tenfold. While driving from Inverness listening to beautiful Celtic music as the most serene pastoral landscape surrounded us, I made the decision that I will be spending more time in Scotland at some point. Highlights include laying in the heather (imagining Jamie next to me in the book but my husband in real life which is even better), drinking whisky with Scot at a pub in Inverness listening to locals jam while drinking great ales and whisky, visiting a "secret" place that Scot knew about, and listening to the Earl of Cromarty share the history of Castle Leod and his family. The time spent at Castle Leod (Castle Leoch) has to be the most precious, however, the entire tour has been amazing!
Kimberly, enjoying the tranquillity at the stone circle.
Scot: We did a plaid demo this evening.  Nick was the volunteer.  Hardly had I started to talk to them before Kimberly looked at Nick, holding the cloth and shouted "the pants have to come off!"  The funniest thing was the did-I-really-say-that-aloud expression on here face immediately after she said it.
Linda: The BEST part about discovering the "Outlander" series is that it led me to Scot and Samantha's tour!! When I arrived in Scotland a week ago, I only had a love for Jamie & Claire and Diana Gabaldon's wonderful literature. After this amazing week, I have fallen competely in love with Scotland's history, people, the land and their heritage! I am so grateful for all the thoughtfulness and planning Scot and Samantha have put into the tour, making this an experience that I will cherish forever! The books will come alive now like never before!

Nick:  Each new day in Scotland has brought beautiful new experiences.  Yesterday we visited one of the most amazing forests I have had the fortune to visit.  After picknicking by a lovely little stream we stopped at this little domed structure that had a roman esque mural with wonderful poetry; but the best part was the back of the building which opened to a gorgeous waterfall, narrow yet powerful with perhaps a 20 foot drop.  Today I swam in the North Sea which literally took my breath away with the coolness of it.  And then before dinner Scott showed me how to wear a filamore (the great plaid) as I have been wishing to wear a Kilt all week.  This has been a truly blessed trip with a group of incredible people and two wonderful hosts.  Slange!

Tiffany also enjoyed the beach, a welcome break from the hills.

Debra-Jean: Taking a final exam (an Outlander knowledge quiz) right now, (Sam said that I cant leave the country if I get the next question wrong!). I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Scotland and leaving here once again will be bittersweet, I have spent this past week with the most outlandish crew and will carry home with me a treasure chest of images and memories. I am ready to start my 11th reading now and fully expect this to be the best reading yet. Somebody wish me a "Haste ye back!" 

Anna: Did much better on the quiz than I thought I would! Enjoyed the countryside, beautiful horses. Enjoyed the beach, the whisky distillery tour. Will enjoy last night of story telling. 

Sam:  Scot and I have been fortunate to meet these lovely Outlandish Spirits.  I sat listening to Scot's tales with the group this evening and I was struck with a sadness that tomorrow we would be parting.  I visualized each face in our group and missed each person already.  It's so amazing to how quickly each personality develops over the week.  We all start with just trying to remember names on the first day and we finish with shared experiences, humour and hugs.