Monday, 22 July 2013

Jamie and Claire in July - DAY 1

The name of the tour will be... dah dah dah!
(Actually, we don't have one yet)

What have we done this day so far?  We've been to Cranesmuir but Geillis wasn't in. She's... well, dead, I expect.  But we saw her house and had our photo taken at the Mercat in the town.

Our first stop in Cranesmuir gave me such an amazing, real-life picture of what an 18th century village would have looked like!  I could almost picture Claire up on the 3rd floor staring into the pan of water while Geillie tried to drug her and discover her identity.  Everyone is wonderful!  I'm so excited for all that's in store for the week!  :)

Deb: The old buildings are amazing!  I have only read the first book "Outlander", however seeing the country side and Cranesmuir has brought the book to life.  Geillis's possible house and the history behind it was very interesting. So far exceeding expectations!

Nic:  The highlands are more beautiful than I could imagine but I'm a little out of place without a Kilt yet!  I can't wait to explore the landscape after dinner, but that being said I am cutting this short as our tantalizing appetizers are being served as I type!

Loving the Highlands!