Thursday, 25 July 2013

July day 2

Tiffany: Amazing trip today to a wee church in the highlands! It was simply gorgeous! We took a quick (and I do mean QUICK!) hike by a river with a beautiful waterfall. Then it started to rain on us, which was refreshing and calming after the jog through the woods. We found some blaeberries and boy were they tasty! Such an amazing experience so far and it is only day two! What more do they have in store for us?! I can not wait to see!

Debra-Jean: The experience of an after dinner coffee can be, when enjoying the hospitality of the Scottish retaurant, an occasion for hilarity. Be advised that a cup of coffee with half and half can easily result in a serving of half a cup of coffee served with milk on the side. I love it!

Merikay:  I had duck last night for the first time. Not so sure this will be my favorite but it was different. After all we are on a wonderful vacation. The mountains are just amazing and nice fresh air. This is the best vacation I have ever been on bar none. I have Tiffany here with me and we are just having such a good time. I have never seen mountains and forests like this. You would have to be here to believe the sights.

Judith:  Scottish bucket #1 done - Got my Harris Tweed!  Handbag, coin purse and 2 meters of hand woven Scottish wool in a gorgeous magenta plaid.  Come this winter in Illinios with out O degrees/-20 windchills, I will have my own 'kilt' to keep me warm.

Anna: The B&B is awesome! Enjoying wonderful food with new friends!

And that was just the morning.  This afternoon we walked amongst the gymnosperms - the cone bearers - and read of the wolves in the moonlight.

Here we read of Claire and Jamie meeting the wolves

Sam: We had a special treat at the chapel, when Deb & Linda broke into a beautiful rendition of the song, "Blood of My Blood". I'll see if I can get a copy to post of the video we made.

Later in the day, we took a moment to enjoy the heather as several of us decided to try it out for a quick lie down. They all realized how cushioned it is and comfortable to lie on. I especially smiled at Kimberly's comment: "It really is comfortable and I can just imagine curling up with Jamie in it." Spot on lass!

Kimberley: "All I need is Jamie to spoon with now"
 Later in the evening, some of them went to the pub, where "we drunk everything worth drinking" and Kimberley kissed a local.  Cheap date.