Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bedlam and Serenity

The night before a tour is bedlam; tomorrow's journey is serenity.  We're off to the Western Isles leading Mara Freeman's Spirit of Scotland tour.  Sam has been working very hard of late, as you will suspect, getting her Jamie and Claire tour dates finalised and published for next year (first people have booked already!) and she's creating the itinerary for two new tours for next year.  
For the next two weeks we will be guiding sixteen seekers who have come to Scotland to experience our particular brand of the sacred, the ancient sites, Celtic spirituality and the Fairy faith.  See Celtic Spirit Journeys here
Some blog-followers will recall that this is a tour we are guiding for our friend and fellow tour-guide, Mara.  We ran it in June this year and this is the second edition, by excessively popular demand!
Tours are always bedlam (behind the scenes, or like a swan, all grace above but paddling like mad below) but this one will also be filled with meditation and serenity and calm time.  I'm looking forward to it, especially the sailing around the sacred isle of Iona and sitting quietly with a group of like-minded people on some of the most sacred places on our planet.
Now, just got a van to pack, the checklist to go through again...

Us sailing around Iona in June

Our pilgrimage destination