Friday, 23 August 2013

Spirit of Scotland ~ Day 1

Scot:  We began our journey with a gathering circle in the deep, dark grove of trees in the Glen, which is a special place.  From there we moved to the Chapel which is a church that I find very special.  It reminds me of Iona's church a bit in that both sites are HEAVILY visited, but still retain that serene, pilgrimage energy because of the extant services of worship.  I spoke to the lady who held the short prayer service in the Chapel today, thanking her for the simple beauty she brought.  She was softly spoken and brought some of the Celtic Christianity into the nave for the many foreign visitors.

Our group is composed of two solo travellers (from NY state and Auz), a couple of friends from US and twelve travelling together as a spiritual training group who meet regularly in Mexico City.  I don't yet have a photo of us all, but our time in the Glen has produced a different image.  Sam found an amazing tree she has called The Monks' Tree in honour of the brethren of the chapel who probably planted it several hundred years ago.

The Monks' Tree, photographed by one of the party

So now a few words from some of our pilgrims.

Laura:  After hearing for so long about Roslyn Chapel, it is amazing how different it is to be inside.  I cherish the privilege to be there with so many loved ones.

Maru: The joy to be here with all.

Maria Emilia:  Scotland is a beautiful country!!!

Hector:  Hey!!....Just got to ride with Samantha and Scot from Roslin Chapel to Arran!....wonderful Sacred Tree Grove meeting circle!!

Cecilia: Wonderful beautiful and expansive energy here.