Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 5 & 6 ~ By Land & By Sea

We've been taking in all the richness offered on Iona.
A quiet place to think
We've had some individual time these past two days while on Iona to do as our hearts please.

Iona Abbey Cloister
Sam:  One evening I walked back to the accommodation on a small road that crosses part of the island.  The crunch of the small stones and pebbles under my footsteps was enough to alert anyone, human or 4 legged critter of my journey.  Then I stopped.  I listened.  I looked around.  There was no other noise, not even the wind.  There were no other people, though I could see a light in a distant window.  I was transported back to my childhood, on a cool, misty evening as I walked another island path on the coast of Maine.  There is a time traveller in each of us. 

We had time to visit the Abbey, attend different services, have a group singing & chanting session, go sailing on a classic wooden boat and take a hike up to an elusive well to make Brigid's crosses.

 Some went for long walks to the numerous beaches to seek out coloured pebbles, different views and solitude.

We've had lovely meals here with the most amazing sourdough bread and the hot chocolate is dark and creamy.