Day 4 - Libra Escozia

Today we left our room-with-a-view and travelled across the sea, ticking off two more islands in our westward journey.  From Mull we went to Iona, the Holy Isle, leaving the vans behind as we did so.  This is a Pilgrimage after all.

We visited Duart Castle on the way to Iona and Scot told a Tale in the Banqueting Hall of the Macleans

Looking north from Duart Castle

Hector:  Just arrived to Iona enjoying a great view to the SOUND OF Iona, with a great single malt during a warm chat.

Maru:  Arriving to Iona has been amazing and our hearts have been filled with joy and warmth.

Gaby:  Fabulosas las vistas del camino, y solo de ver Iona se te abre el corazon. 

Loreen:  Thinking much about the symbiosis between People and The Land they're from... they make each other, I think.  You can't really meet one without meeting the other if you hope to get a glimpse of that...thing we humans seek when we're Seeking: a path to some truth or greater understanding, strangely, of our own selves.

Scot and Sam: We have a tour name, "The Humming Stones".  Why are they humming?  Ahhh!

I've processed the video we shot the other day on Arran at Fionn's Cauldron Place when we chanted.  It was an experiment;  each person took a moment to listen to the stone circle and decide what pitch they thought would be right for it.  I counted to three and everyone came in together singing their pitch to the sound of "ah".  Camera work is a bit ropey, but perhaps it adds a certain uniqueness to the event.


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