Friday, 30 August 2013

Day 7 ~ The Enchanting Back Roads

Today we moved from Blissful Iona to Powerful Skye.  It is a fair old distance across peninsulas and islands.  We took an alternate route from our norm and drove up through the Ardnamurchan Peninsula; a back road seldom used by anyone but locals and the adventurous.  As drivers, it was so much more pleasant than the main road as we wound our way through misty hills and we made a few stops including lunch, a castle on a lovely beach cove and a romp through gorgeous heather and bracken.

Caya:  Loooooong day, thanks Sam!!! You are an excellent driver! The views where just spectacular.
Sam:  It amazes me that with all I've seen in Scotland via our tours and our personal travels, I'm still enamoured with areas new to me.  I can only compare it to thinking you've had one of the best meals in the world, only to have another meal that equals it just when you thought food couldn't get any better.  So just when I thought Scotland could not get any better, I discover something as beautiful as the previous views.  We've had great company to
share all this beauty with which makes the journey that much nicer.  
Hector:  After a long day driving, three ferries and a great lunch in the middle of nowhere, we got to Skye.  Now in a beautiful country mannor, with a Talisker in front of a hearth fire...things can not be more beautiful.

In the evening we sat by the hearth fire, Whiskies,
wines and such in hand and had a small ceilidh and discovered many talents within our group, with shared songs, poetry and stories.  Oh, and we had the company of Harry, the wee dog.