Celtic Spirits - days 8-12

It's got to that time in the tour when the experiences are coming thick and fast and I sense that our pilgrims are aware of the final days.  As such, we have not blogged for a while, so below are what we have filled in along the way.

Day 8
Loreen: The final day on Skye finished with a perfectly entertaining viewing of the film "Whisky Galore"; layered Celtic storytelling at its best... a gift to see it first with the world's biggest fan of the film.

Loreen: Margaret Curtis! Let there be no mistake: she is a national treasure, a living, breathing, walking library of information and insight into the standing stone sites.  What a privilege to be in her company for a windy introduction to the nearly unbelievable mysteries of Site I.

Calanais stones, wind and mist

Day 10
Kathy: Calanis site III ~ Wonderful ritual at the site of the maiden, mother and crone stones.

Loreen: We had the stones to ourselves on a Sunday...Wind! Rain! Clouds parting for the sun to suddenly illuminate the landscape. A feeling of being out of time wrapped the place for me.  The mystery is only more intriguing for me.

Ramonet: It was quite an experience "finding" Calanais X. After looking at a 1930 map we realized that things have changed a bit and rejoiced when we found our guide in the top of the hill where the site is. Then we went to Calanais III where the triple goddess qualities and the lingam are together in harmony. Loved the sightseeing and the experience that each place gave us.

Caya: FANTASTIC DAY!!!! Scot....thanks!!!! I appreciate your guide, you were our angel (not only our guide) down there :) The walk was amazing and the ritual at site X was one of my best moments ever!

excited to be hanging over a 200 foot gorge on a platform

Wee Claudia a peace with the Stones of Peace

We visit the Duke's gardens to commune with Goddess Diana

Cait:  Another terrible place we're staying in - tonight they've stuck us in Atholl Palace Hotel, a nineteenth century spa in a mini castle with views over the black spout forest. Plus they keep making us eat all these three course meals. Seriously, it's horrible. [Cait is an Aussie, where everything is upside down - Scot]

Gina: I am still processing yesterday and all the magical experiences at Calanais. It was a gift of a life time to do ritual at Calanais III with my anglo posse. The wide extravagant display of breathtaking scenery... as Cait said... it is hard to handle another sucky view. (lol)

The Sucky View from some of the rooms

The Sucky View from our evening meal
Tonight is our last night and I am both looking forward to it (for it will be a time of enjoying what has passed) and I will be sad (for the adventure and close connection we have built between us comes to an end).  Perhaps there will be more words, or a video, to add later, but for now, we sign off, The Humming Stones tour of Celtic Spirit Journeys' Mystical Scotland.  We raise a toast to Mara and David for creating this fine adventure, who knows whether it will happen again in future years.  Mara? David?


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