Day 5 ~ Cattle Reivers & Falling Waters

We venture south and head towards a lovely bit of forest and water.  Falling waters.
Cindy: Great hot chocolate, beautiful forest and waterfalls, fantastic accommodations and unbelievable views.

Water being the theme of the day, we pay homage to a water wheel.  No red bloomers, but still some lovely flowers lingering on from late  summer.

And then there was the 'Bull by the Horns' antics as Liz subdued the beastie, Rhonda snuck up on him, Mike, well he was the Bull Whisperer and Bonny was one of many photographers.  Cindy & Regina were in the background smacking their lips.... bad, bad!  (No Bulls were hurt or even harassed in the photographing, but Rhonda kept having to jump back every time the wee beastie moved it's head to avoid getting knocked over by the impressively long horn).

Together in the woodlands on a bridge, in a fairy wonderland, our Outlandish Spirits stop for a group pic before enjoying the peace & quiet of their walk back.

Liz: A Day 4 Addition ~ Yesterday I loved walking in the rain along the Loch Ness in the late evening in Inverness, so typical Scotland. I felt the weight of history visiting the lands of the Fraser's Lord Lovat (the Old Fox) and enjoyed feeling the connection to Jamie and his story. Today, walking the paths in a woodland with ancient trees and recording the beautiful waterfalls. Can't wait to turn my video footage into a screensaver when I return home and then I'll be able to return to Scotland whenever I want. The count on the number of whiskeys I've tried, I believe, now stands at 7 or is it 9. 

Bonnie:  A Day 4 Afterthought ~ We visited the lands of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, the Old Fox--Jamie's Grandfather.  Awesome! This was definitely a highlight!  (And on to current thoughts) Tonight we find ourselves sitting in the Great Hall of a grand hunting lodge, built in the early 1800s.  Wonderful!

Regina: Enjoyed the trip south from Inverness (a great city by the way). Really enjoyed our nature hike in the woodlands. Such a beautuful forest and the waterfalls were amazing. We ended the day with our new accommodation in a grand 'big hoosie'.  What a special place on the most amazing grounds. We all are just in awe of the history that this grand home has seen. Dinner is served so I have to go!  

Sam:  Alas, the lodge is about to be turned over for the rest of the autumn to real hunters (not just our Cattle Riever wanna-be crew).  So, we'll not see it again until next year.


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