Day 6 of Bold and Bonny

Liz on the hills

Cindy:  I have been thoroughly ruined. Scot and Sam have made my first trip to Europe very comfortable and easy. Hiking today "this is my Father's world-  all nature sings around me rings the music of the sphere"

One of Liz's "calendar shots"
Mike: The lodge is absolutely fantastic, and full of character, Rhonda and I love it. Yesterday we hiked to the top of the road and when Rhonda said she didn't have the words to describe what she saw, I said the word is "home". Today, a six mile hike through the hills that we had admired while driving south yesterday. Hills that we held hands and wished to have access to..... our wish came true. We will say thank you to Sam and Scot already, but thanks will continue long after we are home sorting photos in Canada. I came looking for myself, and some connection to a greater history - success. And a greater connection for two people starting anew.

Liz: Friday afternoon I walked into the 'hunting lodge' we were to stay at for the next 2 days and I lost my breath at the beauty of the main staircase and it remained that way as I looked around at the gorgeous interior of the main room. Saturday we finally got to our long hike and it was marvelous. We traveled through areas where I took pictures and plan to make a calendar out of them when I get home. I love the feeling of being back in time when we walked through the fields of heather and forests from 'Once Upon a Time' and was almost disappointed when we returned to the current time at the end of the hike. Whiskeys tried now stands at nine.


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