Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Jamie & Claire ~ September, Day 2

Rhonda: Today started with a trip to a beautiful church from the 1700s. I had the pleasure of being the one to use the key to open the door, although a bit difficult as it did not work in the usual fashion. Many pictures taken, a reading and an intense emotional moment in the cemetery. It was amazing, beautiful and all that I could have asked for.

Unlocking the door to Jamie and Claire's chapel

Mike: The hilltop church and cemetery was incredibly peaceful, and emotionally stirring with current events at home. Stopping for the trail walk, and enjoying the woods was perfectly in tune with what I hoped for. Walking everywhere in kilted glory feels natural already, like I was meant to. Loving this so much.

Liz: Today I got a chance to put into practice all the hiking I had been doing all summer. It was so worth it to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and to just stop and listen to the voice of God as he whispered to me in the wind through the Scots Pines. Another incredible moment was listening to Scot read the account of Jamie and Claire's wedding while sitting in an old Scottish chapel. I felt like I was witnessing it live. The day ended with the group having dinner and me getting to try my third type of Scottish Whiskey - yum!!

Liz lying in the heather, waiting for...
Regina: Enjoyed visiting the hilltop church and seeing the kirkyard.  So much history! Had a great hike through the pine forest and sampled the wild blaeberries. How cool! The cottars house was great and we all loved laying in the heather. So comfy! So fun 'reliving' the history and seeing sites as Jamie and Claire did so long ago.

A 1600s weaving loom in the tounship

Cindy; lichen, moss, heather and wool. 

Bonnie: I went back in time this morning to a wee kirk where Jamie & Claire exchanged their vows.  We sat in silence as Scot read from the book for this tender scene.  Outside, the skies were ominous, as we wandered through the kirkyard.

Louring skies