J&C Sept - Day 1

It has begun! We're on the path of Jamie and Claire in the late summer / early autumn glow.    The colours are changing from multi-greens and purple to golden yellow, soft purple, bits of red.  Amidst our Outlandish Travellers on the September tour we have our own Jamie and Claire, known better as Mike and Rhonda.  They are our cute couple, holding hands as they climb the hill together to visit the standing stones.

All the gurrls posing; Mike wondering what's going on
Bonnie:  Here we are staying at 2 lovely guest houses.  Had a beautiful drive through some of the  Highlands with a picnic lunch atop a high hill studded with standing stones.  A wee shower caught us on the way back to the car.  Now we are on the way to dinner.  Lovely

Mike: Still adjusting to achieving a long time goal of just getting here. Hilltop picnic and losing myself in the scenery. Out to group dinner and first time wearing my new kilt in public - nothing but positive comments so far. Being here with someone special makes it fantastic.

A special moment with the stones and the hills

Oh, it's about 4000 years old...

Rhonda: Spent the afternoon on a wee hillside, it was beautiful and sunny, Samantha read the passage from when Claire went through the stones while we all looked out over the mountains.  You could hear the sheep baahing and the birds chirping.  It was a very moving moment, to picture yourself where Claire may have been when she walked back in time.


  1. I would love to see Scotland in the fall, have a great trip fellow outlandish trekkers! and if you see Sam Heughan say Hi!

  2. Hey Jamie and Claire....I mean, Mike and Rhonda, so great to be able to watch your adventure while it is happening. Wish I was there. May every day of the trip be as great as or even better than the first!!!!


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