Into The Borders

Followers of our tour style and blog will know our appreciation of The Borders - the hinterland that exists north and south of the Scottish-English border. 

Wild Hyacinth.  All photos taken today.

Because Susan and Joe have been very open in their wish-list for their two week tour, we have taken the opportunity to include a couple of days in this amazing region.

The Eildon Peaks - one mountain twisted into three by the witch Michael Scott
It's a bucolic idyll worthy of a Constable painting.  It's a place out of time and many other clichés that are justifiably used.

The herd resting in the woodland pasture

We went to the home of Sir Walter Scott, a man to whom we owe a debt as a nation.  Few single individuals can claim to have changed the fate of a country.  Walter Scott can.  He reinvented Scotland and at the same time invented our tourism industry.  
His home is beautiful, but we'll save the grand shots for your in-person surprise.  Here are a few details though.

 Yes, all photos were taken today at our visit locations.

This will be our only visit to this region this year, but we might go again in 2016 if we have interest.


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