LEWIS - Land of Mysteries

Journey To the Western Isles, day.... erm... who knows.

Lewis, or more correctly, Leodhais (House of Leod), is part of the palette of colours that compose Scotland.  And there lies the essence of the issue: Scotland is not one country, one culture, one definable people.  Yes, we have a common weave across our modern nation, characteristics we share with each other (and also with the people of North England, Ireland and other more distant places), but we also have islands that are appreciably different from one another and from the mainland.
Here are two subjects (in photos) that stand Leodhais apart from most other Scottish islands.  We enter the next "what is it?" competition.
Scot stands beaming, displaying a purchase from Steornabhagh today.  What is that thing in his hands?  Post your suggestions in the comments below or on the FaceAche post.

Number two, perhaps easier, but what is this photo showing, again peculiar to the chain of islands that make up the Eilean a Siar, the Isles of the West?

 So what do you think?  Show your general (or specific) knowledge with a wee comment below or on FaceAche.


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