Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Time Warp! Day 7

A trip on the ferry yesterday brought us from the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Harris, then a drive north to Lewis where we settled into our B&B.  Here is Susan's description of Harris: a breeding ground for boulders of all sizes and descriptions, mama rocks hovering, teenager rocks lurking about, toddler rocks, infant rocks, and large sheltering daddy boulders, all capering across hill with bits of green on.

Today on the Isle of Lewis we visited a broch and Joseph was amazed at how small the doorway was, understanding
that this helped to keep maruauders from storming into the house easily, yet it's still hard to believe unless you see it.  To think that any time the original inhabitants left or entered their broch style home, they had to be careful not to bang their heads..... ouch! 

We later spent time at Calanais 1 and wondered at the formation of the stones.  Is there a 'perfect' angle to photograph these 5000 year old stone giants? 

Susan: I am officially in love with Lewis! The standing stones have a majesty and power that defies description, and the sky, oh the has a living relationship with the sky here. It is so vast, so close to the ground, so ever changing, moody, sunny, pouring one minute, blue with white clouds the next. I could watch it for hours at a time and be completely entertained.