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I now declare this blogspot "a place where we journal the tours as they are happening and also a public scratch-pad where we invite you to play with new tour ideas that we are considering".

That work for you?

As you might have understood, the way Sam's J&C tours work is that each one is a little different, based on the personalities that emerge as the guests sign on.  We like them to be a bit bespoke /tailored, without charging a custom tour rate.  It's more work for Sam, but we think it's worth it.

So, here's something we'd like the Outlandish Club to muse on.

Sam is looking into a lower-mobility Jamie and Claire Tour.  We're thinking it would run in a second vehicle, in parallel to the usual tour, perhaps this September if there are enough takers.  The walks would be shorter, flatter, etc.

We're even looking into hiring mobility scooters for those who need that kind of support to be Outlandish. 

The two parties of the tour (two vehicles) would meet for lunch or dinner, sharing different adventures from the day, and people could swap between these two slightly different itineraries as needed.  Both vans would cover pretty much the same tour locations and itinerary.

What say you lot to a lower mobility option in September?

Scot, inveterate curmudgeon and blog stealer.


  1. hmmm. that sounds like a lot more work for you guys. but, it opens up a whole new area for folks who either can't or don't want the longer hillier hikes. I think it's a nice option.

  2. Yes, it's more work, Aven, but we're not in the business of cookie cutter tours. That would be a slightly cheaper option and there is certainly a market and need for that in the world.

    We enjoy the tours, as guides, because aspects of each tour are new to us too, so we're part of the Outlandish Adventure. That's important, but we think the slightly bespoke nature of each tour suits the Outlander fans as well.

    Thanks for your contribution, as ever. Customer opinion is a great leader.


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