DAY 3 - trail blazers

Excitements of the day:  We met the Chief of Clan MacKenzie; we rode ponies along Loch Ness.
The video shows just a little of our time taking tea at castle "Leoch" with chief of the MacKenzies. 

Wendy, Scot Lady Cromarty and Melinda listening to Lord Cromarty's stories over tea

And we have a tour name! Trail Blazers.  The name trail blazers comes from this tour being earlier in the year than any previous; that we are going to new places; that we shall boldly go where no outlandish spirit.. (oops, wrong genre).
Back to 18th century reality.  The trail blazers are doing a few firsts:  day one was a little known standing stone alignment we've never gone to before, high in the wilderness, fabulous.  And today a first for Lord & Lady Cromarty, aka John and Eve at castle Leod and the J & C tour - this is the first such visit to have tea with them in the castle, in the 18th century drawing room, surrounded by wonderful wood panelling and portaits of John's forebears looking imperiously down upon him, wondering whether he will keep the family honour and castle intact...and seeing what he and Eve have done so far, the ancients have nothing to worry about.

The ponies were next. I waved bye-bye to the troop as they set off into hail and rain.  Well, they wanted authentic Gabaldon.  Unfortunately the sun soon came out and they had a grand ride along the steep sided hills of Loch Ness with views below.  Think of the drover party travelling and camping with Jamie and Claire on the shores of loch Ness in book one, when Claire meets the water horse.  You get the picture.

Julia:  I was in awe of the scenery during our pony ride - and these were Highland ponies so they were quite large.  We had fantastic views of Loch Ness and the incredibly green hills and pastures.  I only wish we could have done a day long trek! [Julia's number two in the video below]

"Auld Alec" the farrier, shoeing horses at the stables

beth: MANY thanks to George Edwards, our Captain our on Loch Ness tour yesterday.  His voice evokes images of Sean Connery as he shares his extensive experiences and information about the Loch and the surrounding area, and  He's even seen Herself!  Our wee ride today was in the hills directly across the loch from his dock. The view is spectacular!


  1. Are midges a problem?

  2. Nae Lass. There are NO midges this time of year!


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