Day 3 Haggis Hunters

The Haggis Hunters' Tour.  We have a name.  In full it is "The full moon Haggis hunters' Tour".
This morning we are at a facsimlie of Castle Leoch, to give the guests the feel of what a large castle would be like, with The Hall and all.  We'll perhaps hear later what they learned.

We took a wee detour this morning en route to show some of the guests where Bonnie Prince Charlie dined a night or two before Culloden - another local castle and that fact is not well known.  A night or two later, the Butcher of Cumberland (The Hanoverian king's son and leader of the British army) dined in the same place.  The hosts were worried they'd be burnt out for giving hospitality to the Stuart prince, but Cumberland was not angry with them.  He said, "He is my couzen and I would expect you to give him hospitality".
It's nice when we can throw in a few almost secret visits or local knowledge.  Of course, we'll now have to KILL THEM ALL or do a "Hugh Monro" on them.  (What's that?  Read book one to find out.)

Terry:  Wow, what a busy and interesting tour. So far we have seen everything that I was hoping for and more. The castle experience was grand.  A real castle, who would have thought that we could see one, much less tour one.  Then as luck would have it, we actually saw the lovely woman who owned the castle.  It is hard to believe that the same family owned it since 1390 or so. I hope the mortgage is paid off by now!


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