Thursday, 25 July 2013

DAY 4 Haggis Hunting

Anna: Have yet to find a live haggis. Lots of haggis holes near the chestnut tree. Laird McKenzie (Clan Chief) was gracious and showed us around his castle. Found it interesting to see the castle and hear its history. Wonderful picnic on the grounds.

A picnic on the lawn at Leod with Eve and John - Lord and Lady Cromartie

Tiffany: This trip has been more than I ever thought it could be, and it is only day four! We had a wonderful visit today with "The McKenzie" and the stories he told were so very entertaining. The castle and the grounds were beautiful.
Terry: Aye, another castle.  Another Lord.  What a wonderful afternon, touring a grand castle, large and very old trees.. My nephew Nick and I hugged a 500 year old tree.  How smooth, whoops that was the whisky the Lord served, so smooth even to a non-whisky drinker. We picknicked on the lawn of the castle and toured the castle.
We finished the day with a tour ON Loch Ness and all envisioned that we would see the water horse.  Maybe someday because I know we all believe.......

Sam:  We had perfect picnic weather as we dined with Lord Cromarty and his lovely wife, Eve.  Later, there was a beautiful mist floating through the hills surrounding Loch Ness setting the perfect scene for Nessie hunting on the loch.  Yes, the wee folk were with us this day!

Kimberly is given the key to the Secret Door!  She's so excited.