DAY 5 - Heading South

Deb Jean: last adventure before dementia, If not for my dear friend Anna, I would be wandering around in a cstle somewhere or be unable to purchase a ticket to the little girls room - who else has trouble with these coins? Today I got lost in our hotel. Thank Heavans she found my passport. My wise dh suggested that I bring her along. He was incredibly wise!

Another picnic lunch today on our long journey south from the Highlands.  This time the outdoor repast was by the river, rocks and white water, amidst the tallest of trees.  All agreed it beat lunch in a cafe by a long margin.  

The talk turned to how much the guests have enjoyed the times on this trip with nature.  We discussed the possibilities of a future tour.  We've been working on SlowScotland (TM) which we will offer next year if we have the interest from prior tour guests.  The theme of the tour is to get up close and intimate with nature, by bicylce, canoe, sailboat, walking, horse back travelling and so on.  Linda gave us her wish list for such a tour.  Duly noted, Linda, we'll work on it this winter.  (As ever, if you're interested in such a tour, contribute your views.)

Linda sits beside me playing the guitar and singing with Deb harmonizing.  We are sat in the hotel - very relaxing - waiting for dinner and entertaining ourselves.

Tonight : a walk around the grounds of the country house; a walk into the hills, relax with the glass by the fire... who knows what they'll choose.


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