DAY 3 - Spirit of Scotland Tour

We leave the Isle of Arran today for one of the most amazing places in ancient Scotland.  A place of such a green atmosphere and filled with standing stones.  One of Scotland's gems, as I like to call it.  It has several hundred ancient and historical sites in a few miles of land.

Ramonet:  We crossed to the mainland by ferry and went into an abandoned village that had a powerful sacred well. After such a delightful experience we kept on visiting stone circle sites explained in a fun and detailed way by Scot and Sam. Oh what a day!

At the Holy Well

The deserted village
Cecilia: I am so thankful for having tasted the most pure and crystal clear water in all my life. I can see how there is generosity and beauty in this world.

Gina:  A Holy Well!  I am  very happy woman! Visits with the Sidhe, sacred chambers and stone circles. A beautiful and expansive view of the ocean . A blessed life. 

The deserted village

Gabriela:  The donald [the hill fort] hill was amazing, I remembered another life. Scott and his story telling are great and is a pleasure to share this travel with him and Sam.

Adriana: I had experience through out the day a lot of different sensations and felt a variety of energies in every place we went. The sacred well was just amazing and the sacred stone circle when we all sat together was awesome, it was an incredible day!

Ma. Emilia   The Sacred Well was A precious experience, without limit in time and space.  The cairn  was a enormous conection with the female and sacred energy!!!! I enjoy the story!!!

Erika:  Today was for me a very very especial day, the well place took me for complete. Thanks!!!

Laura:  Amazing day, lots of wonderful moments but today, the smell of the grass when we arrived at the sacred Glen I will never forget.  Thanks Scot and Sam for taking us to the sacred well and thanks Gina for her beautiful song


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