Saturday, 24 August 2013

Spirit of Scotland ~ Day 2

A bit of relaxation
Cait: Magical morning at Machrie Moor. The heather is in bloom, the stones are humming.  We are so blessed with a sunny, warm day.

Kathy:  A beautiful day: Machrie stone circles, meditation on the beach on the Isle of Arran. How wonderful!

Maru: The peace and happiness it's just here, only need to be open and see the beauty of Arran.

Laura: Merrily vibrating!

A bit of hiking

Ramonet: Geometry, sound, elements, connection, joy and peace.

Caya: Magical day!! Everything goes in peace and gracefully. Ramonet almost became a tree. :)

Erika: I'm very happy to be here in these amazing and beautiful places.  They have very interesting woods and very different views. I feel Scotland is my home. I think am part of it.

Adriana: I had a wonderful day in Machrie Moor.  It was a day of experimenting different things and being in touch
with nature and it makes me feel more energized.

Samantha: The stones sang today.  Lunch was fab; a true winner with everyone...yum!  Our surroundings at the hotel are lovely and our accommodation is first rate.  The isle of Arran is wonderful.  Can I please stay?

And a bit of castle stalking!