Day 1 of The "Autumn Tour"

A Gentle Start & Beautiful Sunny Day
The "Autumn Tour" begins!  We have already been to a secret place where Bonnie Prince Charlie's grandson is buried.  Can't tell you where it is, of course, but suffice to say that there were white roses on the gravestone still.
Along the way we heard of amusing, pre-tour adventures from Deanna and Liza who arrived yesterday at midday and by 4ish were renting a car to drive themselves "two hours" to Dunans castle* (it's 3-4 hours away).  They first tried to drive into Edinburgh to their hotel.  That half an hour journey took 1 hour, much swearing and screaming after which Deanna rang the hire company and told them to come get the car, there would be no way on earth they would try to drive again in Scotland. 
Ah, they missed the FB and blog posts over the last few years about overseas visitors who tried to drive here "cos they thought it would be just like home"?  Ooooooooooh!  Stick shift, on the left hand side of the road, with different driving rules.  There's a reason we are here, driver-guiding.  But fair due to them for trying and as they pointed out, in the theme of Outlandish Spirits, it was an outlandish adventure of their own.
Enough of that.  Now for the words of the guests.

*Dunans castle is owned by some friends of ours Sadie and Charles.  Charles offers a Scottish Lairdship where you can buy a foot of Scotland, thus be a land owner, thus be a laird.  Liza has one square foot. She is "Lady Ellis of Dunans Castle".

The heather is in bloom for the Autumn Tour

Katherine: So far this has been a beautiful journey. I felt like I could spend the whole day passing scenenery and looking at all the wonderful cottages. When arriving at the BB, I was immediately awed by the decor and even though I am looking forward to dinner I cant wait to sleep in those beds!

Gail: Day one is off to a great start. Stopped and visited a church, beautiful, we weren't able to enter it as the roof needs repaired. Wonderful architecture, the village is amazing, quaint center with a fountain. I love this!

Sarah Cross: Day One has been really fun so far. I have met some amazing people. It has been really fun getting to know everyone. The scenery is gorgeous and peaceful and the accomodations are wonderful. I am having a wonderful time.

Liza Ellis:  Day one has been wonderful so far and I CANNOT wait for the rest of this outlandish adventure!!!  Seeing the beautiful scenery, and the charming villages along the way are magical!  The B&B is pretty and very comfortable and the rooms are so nice.  This has been everything I have expected so far.

Deanna Murphy: Our outlandish adventure has begun - We have met our wonderful guides and incredible tour mates.  Scotland has far exceeded my expectations with the kindness of its people, the beauty of its scenery and the colorful history. Just a quick snippet - until today, I never met a stout I enjoyed. I cannot wait for the next moment, meal, conversation, experience. 

The Ladies of Tour hear about the Ladies that attended the dying grandson of Bonnie Charlie, buried nearby


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