Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 7 ~ Sheep, Dogs, Wool and Aye Fond Farewell

An Approved Tour!
This blog has been but a few of the excerpts from our adventures on The Jamie and Claire Tours and MacKenzie Adventures.  How do you find out about what we do and where we go the rest of the adventure? Join us on one of the journeys!  And here is a bit from day 7:

Percy: Thanks to everyone for accepting me, and this tour is now fully hedgehog approved. [That's Mike's friend, Percy who is a hedgehog.]

Percy the Hedgehog (cousin of the Haggis).  The Highland Cow Whisperer
Mike: I Learned about wool, and sheep varieties today. Very nice people. Cool demonstration of the border collies' herding abilities as well, including the 5 month old pup who is super eager to participate. The warmth and charm of the small places we've been to has been memorable.
Newest addition to sheep herding (the collie, not Collin)
Rhonda: I Can't believe today is our last day. We spent the morning crafting with wool.  Now we are off to lunch at a cute little tea shop....much warmer. Sad to be leaving.

Liz: Once again I attempted to be crafty and got a wee fuzzy black teddy with tiny blue eyes for my efforts. I had a fun time making it and learned so much about the wool business.  On to lunch and our Big Hoosie visit!

Regina: [At the sheep farm] Cindy was in her element! Loved the Border Collies! We all learned the processes necessary to create yarns.  Scot and Mike carded while the ladies felted. Lots of fun!  Great memories have been made that will last a lifetime!  Thanks Samantha and Scot!

Bonnie--I don't know of a better experience that could be had than my week on the J&C Tour with Sam and Scot.  This is our last day and we learned carding, drop spinning, and needle felting; what fun!  Our hosts were so gracious and hospitable.  Many thanks to Sam and Scot for the wonderful time in Scotland!

Showing off our art pieces
Sam:  Everyone keeps asking me if I'll be glad to get home.  Of course I love home, but it will be a quiet time to reflect on this past week and to miss immensely, the Outlandish Spirits / dear new friends we've shared this adventurer with.  To each of you and your lovely smiles, sense of humour and ability to remind both Scot and me of the awe inspired in the small things, we say thank you and safe journeys.

Scot:  And we know that some of you will be coming back to Scotland (or France) with us and I look forward to sharing time with you again.  You're in the club now; you can never leave, mwha! mwha!  Bidh sinn gur faicinn a-rithist (be seeing you again).